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Straight jacket went down... gay black dick went up - Pierce Paris & Ray Diesel

Description: Pierce has had a rough time. After losing it when catching his BF cheating on him in public is took the cops to calm him down and a straight jacket. So we find Pierce here at the clinic after being 5150 with Dr Ray Diesel. Pierce has had time to calm down now and Ray decides to let him loose and talk together about what is really bothering him. Pierce confesses that he has not had sex in over a year with his BF cheating on him and well Dr Diesel knows what the cure needs to be. Establishing himself as someone Pierce can trust first, Ray then moves in for the kill. When Ray walks over and puts his hard throbbing bulge right in Pierce's face he knows Pierce can not resist. Pierce reaches out for the thing he needs most, a fat cock just as big as his own to fuck the sense back into him. Hippocratic oath out the window Ray drives his cock deep down Pierce's throat. Then followed by some deep ass penetration until he sees stars. Once Pierce has Ray's prescription D he can't help but ask Dr Diesel for more regular therapy.
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