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Improvised Striptease

Description: It’s New Year’s Eve and Pavlos, Stacy Cruz, Kristof Cale and Rika Fane (POV) are celebrating the new year to come with a party at home. They are dancing and toasting with champagne. But they are moving their bodies so much that they are starting to get hot. Pavlos and Kistof start to take off their shirts as they dance, showing their strong bodies. Then, they improvise a striptease while the women are in the sofa watching them. At one point, Stacy feels the need of joining them, so she approaches them and they take of her dress.<br />From here, things just get hotter. She grabs their penises and masturbates them while they touch her. All of it in front of you while they look at your reaction. Then, they come to you and Kristof starts a pussy licking while the others kiss each other. Then, Stacy wants to taste you while the boys kiss your legs and feet. The time of fucking arrived and Kristof has sex with you while you listen the moans of Stacy who is beign fucked by Pavlos in the background. They you will do a “train of pleasure”: Kristof fucks Stacy, she touches Pavlos and he licks your pussy. The positions of this orgy will change and change for you to have the best pleasure you can imaging. What a wonderful way to start the 2023!<br />
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