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Bad Puppy - 4128 Nico, Zach

Description: Nico Wilson and Zach Miro quickly find the bed. They are soon kissing and ripping off each other's clothes. Nico is the first nuzzling at Zach's crotch; waiting for his thick, uncut cock to pop out of his underwear. He swallows Zach's entire length and works it expertly with his tongue. Zach pushes Nico back on the bed, strips off his underwear and goes to work on Nico's rock-hard dick. Nico lifts his leg and Zach takes advantage by burying his tongue deep into Nico's tight butt-hole. With Nico's hole nice and wet, Zach mounts him and slowly pushes his cock into Nico's waiting hole. Nico takes it quite easily and Zach is soon pounding away with Nico's hard dick swinging between his legs. They take a break from the fucking for Nico to turn around and begin giving Zach another blowjob. With Zach's cock standing straight up, Nico straddles it, sits down and then starts riding Zach's cock faster and more furiously. Nico grabs his cock and starts jacking it in rhythm with Zach's thrusts. He starts squirting cum with it landing all the way up on his shoulder and covering his torso. Zach pulls out and dumps an even more impressively thick, messy load literally all over Nico."
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Models: Nico Zach