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Bad Puppy - Eddie Danger

Description: Eddie Danger has been in the industry for about 10 years and admits that when he gets really horny, he contacts his producers all horned up and ready for some on-screen action. When he 's not working in porn, he roller-skates go-go dances at a club in Washington DC. Eddie admits at the end of his interview that all the talk had his dick chubbed up. He stands up, pulls down his shorts, exposing a hard, long and quite thick cock. Eddie grabs his manhood and starts jacking - his big, heavy balls bouncing with his stroking motion. He lubes up his cock and gets down to the business at hand. He turns for the camera and as he continues jacking his dick he bends over and spreads manhole for the camera. Eddie settles back in the chair and focuses on the feeling between his hand and his cock as he continues to work his thick piece of meat. In no time at all, his balls go from bouncy to very tight and as his body tightens, his moaning gets louder and Eddie squirts a thick, messy load of creamy jizz. He takes his finger, scoops up some of his jizz and with a wink of his eye he sticks his cum-covered finger in his mouth and licks it clean."
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Models: Eddie Danger