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Mike Steed, Jackie Sweet

Description: Teen boys Mike Steed and Jackie Sweet only have one thing on their minds, but they hide it well while they're roaming around town and seemingly lost in conversation. No matter how innocent they might look to the average shopper or tourist passing by we know their dicks are swelling with the prospect of BoyFun. And so it is, as soon as they get back to the bedroom the two tasty twinks are making out and pressing their bare flesh together, their slim torsos meeting while they explore and reveal more of each other. Little Jackie is eager to get a taste, sucking on his teen pal's delicious dong with more skill than you might expect from such a young buck. He works that swollen wet head between his lips and tongues at the fleshy dome to make the boy dribble and drip more delicious juice for him to taste. There's no waiting for blond boy Mike, as soon as his boner has been sucked and slurped he's taking aim at his friend's tight little hole. With a little spanking of his cheeks and some spit to open him up he's guiding his naked cock between those fleshy mounds and giving the boy every stiff inch of his rampant rod. Sucking cock isn't young Jackie's only skill, he's soon bouncing on that dick and jacking his own swollen cock while he enjoys the pleasure of a deep prostate-prodding fuck. With the boy on his back and his cum leaping out of his rigid meat Mike is prepared to add his own salty goo to the messy display, wanking off and showering the smooth boy with a second helping of teen cream.
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