Hot little sexy package

Duration: 4:03 Views: 1 142 Submitted: 2020-May-17
Description: today Robert is on a journey to find the museum. He finds the super cute hot chick in the street that speaks great english. She tells him that she is going the same way so he can follow her. He begins his onslaught of Robert question like what do you do, do you workout etc. Then he offers her money to talk about sex and she opens up like a book, lol. Sitting on the ground in the street she show good old Robert her very pretty pussy and beautiful little tits, yummy. Then he offers her a few more bucks to blow him and she is so down. She take him to this abandon sewer pipe where they going inside for some sucking and fucking. Robert seems to really like this one because he offers to hang out with her more after to fuck some more. This chick is definitely my favorite some far, great job Robert.
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